Setting New Year's Resolutions for Your Health + Wellness

Setting New Year's Resolutions for Your Health + Wellness

Happy New Year from the Performa family! 

The idea of new year's resolutions may seem like something that you do every year and it's long forgotten by the time summer comes along. Resolutions are never easy, so today we are going to talk about setting long-lasting goals for a better year. Resolutions are not about writing on a piece of paper what you hope would happen in the new year, but about being the best version of yourself you hope to be. The focus should not be based on losing weight or finding the love of your life, but focused on your health and well-being.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Instead of asking for weight loss in the new year, try committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles don't have to be measured by your weight, but the way you feel. How can you feel better at the end of the day? Try making your resolution to drink more water and stop eating after 8 p.m. so you won't have to go to bed full and wake up groggy. Drinking lemon water everyday can also help you aid digestion and support heart health. If you don't like to run, try walking more. Instead of driving down the street, opt to walk or take a bike ride. You can also get in your steps with family walks after dinner. 

Foods for Wellness

We all know that processed foods are bad for you. Instead of making a resolution to cut out processed foods, because we all wish we could, try making it about making your meals colorful. The best rule for a meal is to make sure that there are at least three colors on your plate. For example, eat salmon with broccoli and sweet potatoes. Then, you are not so fixated on what kind of food you eat, but the colors of your food, which means more vegetables and fruits. 

Peaceful Mind + Body

Getting more sleep and lowering anxiety are some of the best ways to feel peace within. A lot of times, we are spending so much time going and going we never take a minute to ourselves. It is important to be able to have me-time, so make your resolution about taking more time spending it alone. Extroverts, I know this may be unheard of. But, like Warren Buffet, taking time to reflect on yourself and what is going on around you is a key piece to success. 

Performa's CBD oils can also help in creating a peaceful mind and body. Our tinctures can be taken before bed to promote better sleep and our muscle gel can be rolled onto your temples and back of your neck to bring relief for anxiety and aches. This new year it's going to be all about you, so take time in feeling like the best version of yourself. 

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