Defining the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Defining the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Did you know that millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation? But what exactly does that mean when people say entrepreneur? Many times, we just think of people who go out with a great idea and try to find funding to begin their own company. But, if you are an entrepreneur, then you know how much time and effort goes into starting your own company. Today, we wanted to explore the question of what being an entrepreneur means at Performa.  


I have always been a goal oriented person and found that my expectations and passion towards my focus is what drives me to want to be my own boss. I chose the entrepreneurial route so I would be able to focus on the tasks I found to be the most important and could make a real difference in the world.

As an active athlete and competitor I was constantly pushing my body and mind to the brink, that is when I began searching for new remedies. After testing numerous products I found they were very inconsistent and full of toxins, which is when I created my own products from high quality CBD that was all natural and non-toxic to provide the relief I was searching for. Once I created a product that I found helped me, I wanted to share this with the rest of the world. My entrepreneurial spirit is about helping others who have experienced the same problems I have.


To me, being an entrepreneur means living on your own time. Obviously, you will need to put in more hours than the average employee, but having the freedom of making your own schedule is perhaps one of the best things you can experience in life.

Entrepreneurship however, comes with a massive amount of stress. No matter what industry you’re in. Late nights and early mornings really crawl up fast on you, and without proper rest, you will burnout and crash. I began investing in Performa, because I found the benefits that this startup was doing to provide a sense of relief for entrepreneurs and athletes alike.

Performa has helped me personally treat my insomnia, which was caused by my mind constantly circling and worrying about my businesses. 1 gummy 15 min before bed, helps me sleep like a stress-free teenager again.


A lot of my friends are entrepreneurs or have worked in the corporate world and decided that they had enough skill and dedication to their own craft and start their own company. It is funny because I would never describe myself as being an entrepreneur. Working in marketing, I do have numerous clients that need help in the field for their company. After heading Brandon and Nikita, I feel as though my entrepreneurial spirit is about continuously growing your own skills and be the one your team members can turn to for help. 

I especially love helping startups, because they are so excited and will go all the way for their product. To me, I love discovering new products and be apart of their promotion. An entrepreneur is not just about making money, but about being a businessman 24/7 since you are starting from scratch, and have to work on your company day and night. Performa is not only a startup, but provides amazing THC free products to help entrepreneurs strive to their best. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, businessman, or inspiring entrepreneur, take a second and think - what does it mean to have an entrepreneurial spirit?

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